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3540 - C# Software Development Professional
Required skills
Published 3 days ago

For the backend engineers, we’re looking for mainly:

  • .NET/SQL Server
  • Experienced/familiar with the following: Azure (APIM, Azure Functions, K8s), Restful API design
  • Pluses: Async programming, queues, windows services

**Minimum:**Intermediate Software Engineer minimum plus the following: Capable of designing small to medium complexity projects. Excels at developing on a specific software stack, can work with more than one. Makes use of stack-specific best practices naturally and consistently. Can create software applications from scratch without assistance. Familiarity with all elements in full stack development. Has exposure to cloud technologies. Understands principles of application security and demonstrates how to apply them. Understands different authentication methods. Can work with NoSQL databases and understands the difference between RDBMS. Can create complex data schemas and understands normalization. Can carry out code reviews and provide meaningful feedback. Can carry out research tasks and investigate spikes in sprints. Has experience with application deployment technologies. Understanding of basic scripting (Powershell, bash). **Stretch, desired:**Can contribute to and in specific circumstances lead technical discussions. Can pair program with less experienced developers on tasks. Experience with supporting and troubleshooting live systems. Experience with basic scripting (Powershell, bash). Is familiar with development, maintenance and failure diagnosis of a CI/CD pipeline. Experience in working closely with product stakeholders to assist with story creation, requirements gathering and Estimations.