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4768 - SQL Software Development Professional
Required skills
Published 8 days ago

Client is looking for an intermediate SQL dev who can work with FME Server and FME Cloud. ETL experience is needed here as well.

Software Engineer minimum plus the following:
Implements the designs of others, begins to design
on their own.
Is competent in development on a specific stack.
Can work with common platform architectural
patterns (N-Tier, MVVM, MVP, VIP etc).
Can accurately describe and implement several
object-oriented software design patterns.
Has exposure to SOLID principles (Object-oriented).
Can write regular expressions.
Understands and can demonstrate high cohesion,
low coupling code.
Can write effective unit and integration tests.
Can write easily mock-able code for unit testing.
Has experience with persistence and a good
understanding of schema creation.
Has exposure to SQL and can describe basic CRUD
and joins.
Understands concurrency and locking mechanisms.
Understands data transmission mechanisms.
Is experienced with project/directory creation and
Has experience resolving source control merge
Understands basic Infrastructure concepts.
Familiar with the practice of and participates in
code reviews.
Stretch, desired:
Has exposure to cloud technologies.
Understands high level concepts of application
Understanding of authentication methods (JWT,
OAuth, SAML etc.)